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oh, so soothing!


This Aroma Touch technique , back rub, soothes

muscles with slow hand movements and soft to


medium levels of pressure to help circulation


Top grade essential oils nourish the skin and stimulates known body meridians and energy zones. 

This create a relaxing and calm connection to yourself.

In addition, your body soaks up the many healing properties the oils have to offer.

Only oils that have undergone strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®quality protocol are used during this technique

Strive, Achieve, & Maintain Your Essential

Well Being with the

Aroma Touch  Relaxation Technique

What is Aroma Touch ?​ 


A technique created by Dr. Hill and known to stimulate body meridians, energy zones and elicits a profound effect on the body systems.

Several different essential oils are used during the session to maximizes the health benefits to the recipient.  A session lasts approximately 45 minutes while  the recipient is on a massage table, face down. The back is exposed and it is required that you wear a shirt that can be opened in the back.

The Aroma Touch Relaxation offers the elicit response of total relaxation, peace and tranquility. An experience you will thoroughly enjoy and likely want to recommend to your family and friends.

Essential oils have been around since ancient Egyptian times and go way beyond eliciting a relaxation response or a pleasant smell. They are known to treat anxiety, pain relief and provide digestive support, just to mention a few of their powerful properties.


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